Professor Jody Berland (Department of Humanities, York University) has published widely on cultural studies, Canadian culture and communication theory, music and media, culture and the environment, and the cultural technologies of space.

Her current research, ‘Virtual Menageries in Network Cultures’ concerns the widespread appearance of animals in contemporary visual and digital culture, and its implication for humanist and posthumanist thought. The project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

She is the co-editor of Theory Rules: Art as Theory/Theory and Art (1996); Cultural Capital: A Reader on Modernist Legacies, State Institutions and the Value(s) of Art (2000); and editor of Topia: A Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies (www.yorku.ca/topia). Her book North of Empire: Essays on the Cultural Technologies of Space (2009) explores changing relations between nation, technology, nature and culture in Canada, and addresses spatial themes in writing, landscapes, borders, music and radio, pianos, the weather, techno-evolution, and other cultural expressions. Professor Berland was awarded the Association for Canadian Studies 2009 Award of Merit.