In Process

Neil Balan (PhD. Humanities). “The New Military Intelligence.”

Sabine Lebel (PhD. Communication and Culture). “Computers, Containers, E-Waste.”

Steven Logan (PhD. Communication and Culture). “In the Suburbs of History: Environments of Automobility in Prague and Toronto.”

Kyah Lloyd. (PhD. Humanities). “Bataille and Violence in Modern Art.”

Brian McCormack (PhD. Humanities) “Biosemiotics and Posthumanism.”

Andrew Vincent (PhD. Communication and Culture). “Popular Music Policy, National Institutions and Local Practices in Canada: 1982-2007.”


Kelly Bronson (PhD. Communication and Culture). “The Discursive Construction of Cultural Anxieties Over Emergent Technologies in Food Culture.”

Robin McCullough (MA, Communication and Culture) “Silviculture and the Human-Technology Inscription of Landscape.

Clare O’Connor (MA, Communication and Culture) “Pedagogies of Space in the Neoliberal University.”

Robinder Kaur Sehdev (PhD, Communication and Culture) “Lelawala at the Brink: Reading Colonial Culture Through the Myth of the Maid of the Mist of Niagara Falls.”

Naomi Fraser (PhD, Communication and Culture, 2007), “We Are All Connected: Internationalism and Canadian Identity.”

Sarah Rami Sharma, PhD, Communication and Culture, 2006. “Temporality and Difference from the Agora to the Airport: Towards a Theory of Power-Chronography.”

Melissa West PhD, Communication and Culture, 2006. “Marketing Madonna: Commodity and Corporation.”

Jenny Burman, PhD, Social and Political Thought, 2000. “Global Flows: Economies of Nostalgia and Yearning.”

Cheryl Simon, PhD, Humanities, Concordia University, 1998. “Gender, Genre and Globalization: Discourses of Femininity in the Popular Culture of the 1990s.”

Adrian Ivachiw, PhD, Faculty of Environmental Studies, 1997. “Places of Power: Sacred Sites, Gaia’s Pilgrims and the Politics of Landscape.” Subsequently published by Indiana University Press.